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Coaching sessions with R. Michael Anderson are one of his most valuable services since they provide an opportunity for immense personal and professional growth under the supervision of a highly-trained and qualified individual.

Given his status as one of only 240 Soul-Centered Professional Coaches worldwide (certified by the  University of Santa Monica,) he's helped hundreds of people with extraordinary results by working with them on a very deep level.

Thanks to his background in business, Michael knows exactly what skills are needed in the field, and due to his psychology background, he knows how to motivate people to unlock their potential and master those skills.  

There are several different types of coaching offered: 

•    One-on-one Personal Coaching 

Individual attention gives you a chance to work with a coach to achieve your personal, permanent life changes.

•    Group coaching 

This type of coaching gathers people with similar goals and provides a supportive environment for them to achieve those goals. An advantage of this is that participants learn not just from the coach, but also from each other.  

 •    Intensives 

This type of training is available for individuals and groups, and it entails going through a very intense coaching session lasting from four hours to two days designed to give the client transformational breakthroughs.  

In fact, ask Michael about his Breakthrough Guarantee when inquiring about your intensive.  

If you are ready to become a better leader and overcome your personal barriers that prevent you from achieving the degree of success you desire, coaching sessions with Michael and his team of trained coaches might be exactly what you need. 

Contact Michael now to learn more details and embark on your journey of personal and professional growth.

    +44 7523 293 410                 info@techleaderinsider.com