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R. Michael Anderson, MBA, MA started out his career behind a keyboard pounding out code. Technically adept yet socially awkward, he kept sabotaging his own career growth with his lack of soft skills.

Despite himself, he did manage to climb the corporate ladder and worked as an international director and VP for enterprise software companies in the USA, England, Denmark, and Singapore.

In 2005 he moved back to California and started three software companies over the next 5 years. After almost losing everything in a lawsuit with a business partner, he figured he better quickly learn how to be a leader. He put all his effort into growing personally and professionally, including earning a unique Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology.

It was worth the investment as things started to fall into place. His one company, Radiant Technologies, made the Inc. 5000 list and was voted the #1 Best Place to Work, and he won Social Entrepreneur of the Year.

Now he teaches his uplifting and empowering Elevated Leadership to other companies and leaders who want to elevate themselves as well as their teams, and do it all from a place of service.

As a best-selling business leadership author, former radio show host, and contributor of entrepreneur.com, he’s spreading his message of positive leadership all over the world.

Find out why clients like Uber, Microsoft, SAP, YPO, EO, and Vistage have brought Michael in to teach and elevate their leaders. Contact Michael today.


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Leadership quiz

What kind of leader are you?


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