best sellers

R. Michael Anderson has penned three Best Selling books on Leadership. 

His latest book, “Leading in the Next Normal: A Guide to Building an Engaged, Resilient and Agile Virtual Workforce”, also made it to the amazon best sellers list and is helping leaders worldwide transition to a remote or hybrid workforce. 

"Better work for remote teams"


"Michael brings a wealth of insights, cases studies and advice of industries that have done the path already in working and taking advantage of digital platforms. Every company will benefit somehow from his lessons learnt."



COVID and the resulting pandemic has brought about more change than anyone could have predicted. Managers and executives at all levels had to deal with these unprecedented challenges with no help, assistance, or support…Until now.

112 hacks

Who knew that our work would “evolve” into back-to-back-to-back online meetings every single day? I know everyone is tired of them so here we are to present 112 of the best hacks, tips, and tricks to make them a little – or a lot – better.

soul centred leadership

Are you looking to have it all? Success in the outer world and fulfillment within? Do you want to create a better world for yourself and those around you? Discover how to tap into the most dynamic force in the universe—your higher power—and manifest it in your life.

the experiment

More than just a story, The Experiment is a window into a new way of living. Follow Dennis as he overcomes career burnout, personal issues, and hopelessness with the help of his coach. Not sure about this book? Go ahead. Give it a try. Call it your Experiment…

"An engaging & powerful resource"


“A wonderful book, rich with stories and tools that can truly transform lives. The author writes engagingly and in an informal tone that belies just how deep much of this material goes, and he has clearly drawn from a lot of personal and professional experience to create this piece.”