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Secrets from a
California Scale-up
  Keynotes • Breakouts • Training

Making the Jump
From Programmer to CEO
Keynote • Training

Learn the Leadership Shift I made that Landed Us on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Co's

BEST AUDIENCE:  Leaders (Corporate / SME / Small Businesses - high-potentials, entry-level, mid-level, and executive-level) Looking to Grow and Scale their Organization

Do you need rapid, sustained growth to reach your goals and targets? 

Do you have total confidence that your managers and executives are ready to accept the challenges ahead of them?

If not, you could be headed for disaster...because the success of a business is determined by the leaders within that business.

And without that you'll never have long-term, sustained growth and profitability. 

Let me tell you my story, including the failures, successes, and hard-earned lessons, and share my journey from a socially awkward coder to a corporate VP, and later how I founded and scaled the fastest growing Microsoft ERP Reseller in the world. 

Attendees will learn the three secrets that they need to know to turn their business into a powerhouse. 

Takeaways include;

  √ How to build, motivate, and lead a high-performance team

  √ How to earn the respect and loyalty of anyone

  √ How to become the inspirational leader that people naturally follow

After all, once someone reaches the manager level, their leadership ability is the one thing that's going to determine their success. 

Give yourself, your managers, and your organization the gift that will last a lifetime; transform them into powerful leaders who empower and motivate, and bring out the best in everyone.  

Michael Says: “Scaling a company is one of the hardest things in the world to do - and you'll never do it without a team of superstars. People may be naturally talented, though they need the right training, support, and mindset to be leaders. This session gives them that roadmap.”

Available formats:
    • 30 to 60 minute Keynote

   • Small Group Facilitation

   • Two Hour to Two Day Workshop

   • Webinar / online

Perfect For:

   √ YPO / WPO / EO / Vistage Chapter Events & Forum Retreats

   √ Corporate Events

   √ Conferences

   √ Associations

"Michael has a unique, results driven approach to unlocking the leader inside of you. He respectfully challenges paradigms that exist inside everyone that inhibit performance and helps you to not only identify them, but manage them into strengths."

Donald McGurk

Managing Director and CEO at Codan Limited


Give your team the training they need to succeed. Michael has courses for high-potentials, new leaders, mid-level managers, and executive teams.

Nothing is more impactful for your forum or group than an intensive, off-site retreat. Great for strategic planning or massive personal and professional growth.

It’s not easy to find uplifting, fresh speakers in the area of technology leadership. That’s why bringing Michael in to speak can energize an entire conference.

When you are ready to transform both your personal and professional life, take the courageous step to work one-on-one or in a group coaching setting. It will change your life.

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