Case Study: Kaspar Karik

Kaspar Karik is a serial entrepreneur in Estonia, with startups in the exciting fields of e-Residency and virtual reality.

Why did you join the course?

I wanted to become a better leader – to understand myself better, improve myself, and become someone more valuable to my own organization.

I wanted to learn how to lead people without having any doubts in myself.

And the course did help in that, 100%.

How are you different now than before the course?

As a leader, I knew I needed to be strategic and act strategically. I needed to think strategicclly and see things in a bigger picture.

That and the self-confidence. I’ve been always a confident person, but understanding the psychology more and seeing what it’s like with those insights.

This course helped me with that a lot. So, thank you.

How has this helped you with your team?

I’m understanding my team much better now. One of the really big things for me was understanding that all our employees, all team members, they all want to do good. They want to give great effort. And by acknowledging that, my reactions and my thoughts and actions are different than they used to be.

Before I would have thought that if somebody did something wrong, I would have thought that maybe they are lazy, or maybe they didn’t give the maximum effort. These emotions and thoughts would have driven my reaction.

Now I am more positive when interacting with people, and by thinking that they tried their best, it also shows when I talk with them through my body language, and also how I speak with them.

This again brings another light to their communications and then brings us forward.

How about your confidence as a leader?

I am understanding myself much better, for example where certain thoughts and beliefs are coming from.

I’ve let go of the regrets and more in tune to my authentic self, and through that, my confidence is also higher.

And do you see your future a little bit differently now?

This is where my confidence kicks in. I have always been sure that I’m going to make it. So now I see that I have more tools which help me get there faster.

This is also what drives me forward, and one of the things why I joined this course.

I’m always trying to improve. This is one of the crucial steps on my path.

If I had to learn these things on my own it would have taken a long, long time. I truly think that all the leaders out there should have this knowledge in their toolbox. As soon as possible, really…

What would you say to someone considering the course?

Yeah, give it a shot. That’s something I did, and no regrets. By that, by getting in this inner circle of leaders, you’ll really benefit through the rest of your career.

I love the community of other leaders. This is a great society, a great group, and all the initiatives and new ideas and things we are doing is great fun and great help for improving myself.

Give it a chance, change some thought patterns, and learn crucial tools.

Interested in learning how you can achieve the same confidence, strategic leadership, and team inspiring gains that Kaspar has?