The 5-Step System that Leaders of Every High-Growth Company Needs to Know

Best Audience:

Founders & Stakeholders of Companies Positioned to Scale; Managers & Executives of Companies who want a Clear System for Growth

Do you have a vision and desire to succeed that includes significant business growth?

Do you have a system that will absolutely get you there?

This session teaches the five key steps to turn you into a confident leader who can drive your business to rapid, sustainable growth.

I’ll start by sharing my business journey from founding, scaling, and selling three Enterprise Software companies in California. I’ll share it all; from my fantastic failures and wild success with all the harsh truths in between; delivered with humor and energy to keep you engaged.

Attendees will learn how to:

√ Build, motivate, and lead a high-performance team and organization
√ Make strong and impactful decisions, even in the face of risk and uncertainty
√ Develop into an inspiring leader whom people naturally follow and invest in
√ Build a thriving company that continues to expand and flourish in market
√ Deal with the immense pressure and stress that comes with rapid growth
Once someone becomes a manager or starts a company, their leadership ability is the one thing that will determine their long-term success and impact.

Give yourself and your team the tools to transform into leaders who can drive your company towards growth, success and profits.

Available formats:
• 30 to 60 minute Keynote
• Small Group Facilitation
• Two Hour to Two Day Workshop
• Webinar / online

Perfect For:

√ YPO / WPO / EO / Vistage Chapter Events & Forum Retreats
√ Corporate Events
√ Conferences
√ Associations


In Person, Virtual, or Hybrid


30 – 90 minute Keynote-type Presentations or Full/Half Day Training

Work With Michael


Everything has been designed for you to get the most value out of an engagement with myself. 


There are three main delivery types:


  • Keynote style Presentations 
  • Masterclasses (single-run courses)
  • Training Engagements (running weeks or months with a potential mix of presentations, trainings and coaching)

Everything can be done in person, virtual/online or a hybrid of both. 

Phase one

The pre-engagement phase

This phase begins with a preliminary introductory conversation where we can connect via phone or video call. Initially, we will talk about the overall basics, covering everything from the date/time of your event to your budget/fees and the overall goal for your team/event/organisation.

If this is a match, we organise follow-up conversations to delve into the specifics of goal mapping for the event. We will look at your goals as a leader, your organisation’s present & desired culture, your tactical & strategic goals as an organisation, your aim for the event, and what’s going on in your industry. 

You will then get a tailored proposal with a concise strategy and plan for your event. 

phase two

main content delivery phase

This phase includes all potential pre-event activities. Participation and engagement is a significant part of my presentation methodology, and this begins before the event has started.

One popular option is to customise my latest bestselling book, “Leading in the Next Normal”, as a gift for your attendees; for example, some CEOs like to write a forward or have the company logo on either the front or back cover. Interviews with executives can be another dynamic pre-engagement tool. We can employ many techniques like surveys, polls, teaser videos, blog posts, and social media to drive up anticipation for the event. These tools build excitement and anticipation and ensure participation is beginning before the event has even started.

The main hero of this phase is the event itself. You can expect this to be an interactive experience with techniques and takeaways for all attendees. I am not afraid to be vulnerable here – you’re attendees will get stories of my failures alongside the tales of my success. My style is to employ a personal approach with anecdotes and real-life experience to drive engagement and understanding with the core content effectively. I inject some humour and personality into the presentation – with normally even a few laughs here and there!

Alongside experience, I use psychology and neuroscience training to help your teams understand the mindset required for successful leadership. Attendees will come away from the event with the tools and techniques a leader needs. I will tailor the event to YOUR industry from our preliminary phases, making the content as relatable and accessible as possible for your teams. I can guarantee that attendees will leave knowing how to be better leaders and have the skillset to create high functioning teams.

phase three

post event phase

The final stage is the follow up from the event. Alongside the traditional feedback forms or surveys, there is the option to engage in further activities to attain the highest value from the event.

For example, we can organise follow up conference calls or webinars with the potential for a live Q&A. I can also produce follow up videos/audios or written content if you prefer a more “on-demand” option. I also have many courses available online, and if the Mindset of the Leader is what you are interested in, I run a renowned “Leadership Mindset” course twice a year. 

Give your managers the tools they need for long term success and contact me today.