Leadership Mindset 2.0: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Reaching Your Full Potential

Great leadership doesn’t happen by accident. It happens through a significant shift in mindset.

Whether it’s by getting promoted or scaling the business, people who find themselves leading a team usually get there because they’re good “doers.” Once they assume leadership, they need to release and reset what worked for them before. They need to evolve and transform.

In this book, R. Michael Anderson teaches how to upgrade your mindset using evidence-based techniques rooted in psychology and neuroscience. It contains 48 discrete skills, habits, and hacks for you to fill your leadership toolkit – the same ones that companies like Microsoft, Uber, and Salesforce hire him to teach their executives. 

These include how to:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome and develop unshakeable confidence
  • Transform from a tactical expert to a strategic leader
  • Develop leadership presence that people naturally respect and follow
  • Engage and inspire your team through empowerment and growth

By the end of Leadership Mindset 2.0 you’ll have everything you need to fulfill your potential as a leader for now and the rest of your career.

Meet The Author

R. Michael Anderson, MBA, MA is one of the top Business Leadership Experts in the world. 
He’s founded, scaled, and exited three software companies when he lived in California, one of which was listed on the Inc. 5000 list and won the #1 Best Place to Work. 
In addition, he holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Neuroscience Certificate. 
Michael himself has been named Social Entrepreneur of the Year and was nominated for Most Admired CEO. He has also written two best-selling business leadership books and contributes to entrepreneur.com. 
This unique mix of practical experience and education gives him the unique skillset to work with some of the largest, most successful businesses in the world.

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