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An upcoming book by R. Michael Anderson

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Make the mindset shift to a powerful, confident, strategic leader

Stepping into a leadership role isn’t simple, and in most cases, it isn’t natural. Often you have to “un-learn” some of the things that made you successful, and significantly change how you look at, think about, and behave in different situations. 

This change doesn’t happen by accident. It starts by adapting a new mindset. 

In this brand-new, breakthrough book, learn how to;

  • Shift out of Imposter Syndrome into a Confident, Resilient, Powerful leader who naturally Earns Respect and Loyalty from Everyone
  • Let go of the Day-to-Day Tactical Work and position yourself to be a Strategic, Forward Thinking Leader who’s working ON the Business instead of IN the Business
  • Get the Most out of your Team by Empowering and Growing, Motivating and Inspiring, and holding them Accountable….WITHOUT Being a Jerk!

About the Author

R. Michael Anderson, MBA, MA is one of the top Business Leadership Experts in the world. 
He’s founded, scaled, and exited three software companies when he lived in California, one of which was listed on the Inc. 5000 list and won the #1 Best Place to Work. 
In addition, he holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Neuroscience Certificate. 
Michael himself has been named Social Entrepreneur of the Year and was nominated for Most Admired CEO. He has also written two best-selling business leadership books and contributes to entrepreneur.com. 
This unique mix of practical experience and education gives him the unique skillset to work with some of the largest, most successful businesses in the world.