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Managing your
Greatest Assets
  Keynote • Breakout • Training

Managing your Greatest Assets
Keynote • Training

Attract, Retain and Develop your Top Talent

BEST AUDIENCE:  Executives who don’t want to see their best people walk out the door

Have you ever had a key employee walk into your office and resign? As a CEO, those are some of my worst memories. It’s hard not to take it personally; it means on some level, they didn’t believe in you, your company or your vision.

That meant creating a culture that transcended the reach of recruiters and head hunters. Once my team were secure in their role and confident in the company and leadership, no amount of money or fancy title could lure them away.

This dramatic shift in how we did business, got our company voted the ‘#1 Best Work Place to Work’ in San Diego, I was nominated for ‘Most Admired CEO’ (2010 – 2012) and more importantly, no one left on their own accord. When word about our culture spread in the industry, other star performers started showing up on our doorstep – the dream of every leader and CEO.

Best of all, it was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever achieved in business.

Business is all about people. If you’re growing, you need to continuously fill key open positions, and you don’t want the constant headache of recruiting and training new staff. You want your star-performers to step-up into those leadership roles and keep driving the company forward.

Attendees of this session will learn how to:

  √ Protect your Growth by Filling Key Slots with the Right People

  √ Cultivate an Environment where High-Potentials Develop into Amazing Leaders

  √ Create a Distinguished Culture which becomes a Competitive Advantage

  √ Become a Leader who Earns True Respect and Lasting Loyalty

  √ Foster Innovation and Creativity which will become a Trademark of your Company

As leaders, it’s our responsibility to create the culture and environment they crave. If we don’t, someone else will.

In today’s market, this kind of loyalty is a rare commodity but once cultivated through exceptional leadership, it’s the competitive advantage that eclipses all others.

Michael Says: “Creating a culture which treats employees like the assets they are is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. If you don’t do it, your people will find another company that will. The great news is that there’s minimal cost to making these changes; it’s more about the intention to change combined with the courage to do it.”

Available formats:
    • 30 to 60 minute Keynote

   • Small Group Facilitation

   • Two Hour to Two Day Workshop

   • Webinar / online

Perfect For:

   √ Corporate Events

   √ Conferences

   √ Associations

"Michael has a unique, results driven approach to unlocking the leader inside of you. He respectfully challenges paradigms that exist inside everyone that inhibit performance and helps you to not only identify them, but manage them into strengths."

Donald McGurk

Managing Director and CEO at Codan Limited


Give your team the training they need to succeed. Michael has courses for high-potentials, new leaders, mid-level managers, and executive teams.

Nothing is more impactful for your forum or group than an intensive, off-site retreat. Great for strategic planning or massive personal and professional growth.

It’s not easy to find uplifting, fresh speakers in the area of technology leadership. That’s why bringing Michael in to speak can energize an entire conference.

When you are ready to transform both your personal and professional life, take the courageous step to work one-on-one or in a group coaching setting. It will change your life.

    +44 7523 293 410                 info@techleaderinsider.com