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5 Steps to becoming an Inspiring, Influential, Highly Effective Leader
(even if you've never led a team before)
    Keynote / Breakout / 
    Masterclass - Live and Virtual
5 Steps to becoming an Inspiring, Influential, Highly Effective Leader
(even if you've never led a team before)
Keynote • Masterclass
Learn the proven system that shows you how to transform yourself and your career

BEST AUDIENCE:  Any group of managers or executives who are looking to develop as leaders

Making the switch from technical wizard to inspiring leader is the most crucial, yet most difficult transitions one can make in their career.

Michael knows - he went from a IT technician and entry-level coder to founding, scaling, and selling three Enterprise Software companies in California. 

It wasn't easy and he went through a lot of difficult times. Though between the lessons and a lot of hard work, he finally started to get it. His companies landed on the Inc. 5000 list, won the #1 best place to work, and he was nominated for Most Admired CEO. 

Now he teaches others how to make the same transition. With two best-selling books, features on entrepreneur.com, and his own radio show, he now teaches managers and executives at companies like Microsoft, Uber, SAP, and Stanford University. 

Michael is now offering a one-hour Masterclass where he teaches leaders his 5 Step Proven Method that he learned in his 20+ year career; the system that you need to know to start upleveling your career and company. 

In this Masterclass you can learn the keys to;

   √ Holding People Accountable...WITHOUT being a Jerk

   √ Smashing your Personal Goals and Work Targets

   √ Empowering People to Maximize their Performance  

   √ Looking good in front of Upper Management / Investors

   √ Making Sure you Don't Let Anyone Down  

   √ Developing your "Leadership Presence" & Confidence  

   √ Continuing on your Upward Career Path  

   √ Motivating, Inspiring, and Leading with Positivity

   √ Earning True Respect and Loyalty from Everyone

Once someone becomes a manager or starts a company, their leadership ability is the one thing that will determine their long-term success and impact. 

Give yourself and your team the tools to transform into leaders who can drive your company towards growth, success and profits. 

Michael Says: “The skills that made you great at your job and promoted to lead a team almost never map to what you need to be successful in a leadership role. Now it's all about communication, motivation, emotional intelligence, and vision. This session walks you through that transition.”

"Michael has a unique, results driven approach to unlocking the leader inside of you. He respectfully challenges paradigms that exist inside everyone that inhibit performance and helps you to not only identify them, but manage them into strengths."

Donald McGurk

Managing Director and CEO at Codan Limited


Give your team the training they need to succeed. Michael has courses for high-potentials, new leaders, mid-level managers, and executive teams.

Nothing is more impactful for your forum or group than an intensive, off-site retreat. Great for strategic planning or massive personal and professional growth.

It’s not easy to find uplifting, fresh speakers in the area of technology leadership. That’s why bringing Michael in to speak can energize an entire conference.

When you are ready to transform both your personal and professional life, take the courageous step to work one-on-one or in a group coaching setting. It will change your life.

    +44 7523 293 410                 info@techleaderinsider.com