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The Business of YOU
• Keynote • Training
The Business of YOU
• Keynote • Training
The Business Leader's Guide to Less Stress, More Joy, and the Elusive Fulfilled Life

BEST AUDIENCE:  Entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders seeking powerful and uplifting strategies for enriching their personal lives and their businesses.

Business success does not always equate to life success. If you’ve been asking yourself, “Is this as good as it gets?” then it’s time to try something new.

The same skills that help us become successful at work – intense drive, a win-at-all-costs attitude – can hinder us in our personal lives. The Business of YOU reveals the key psychological principles that can help us lead happy, fulfilled lives and become even more successful at work. Attendees will learn tools to help them:

   • Overcome STRESS and ANXIETY

   • Take back CONTROL of their LIVES

   • Find authentic, lasting HAPPINESS

We all have some happiness in our lives, but there is a whole other level that we can reach. Learn to connect to your true, deep, lasting joy and live a fulfilled, contented life. Invest in the relationship that matters most in life – the one you have with yourself.

Michael Says: “Happiness made easy – for the competitive, driven, successful person. Because what is Success without Happiness?”

Available formats:
    • 30 to 60 minute Keynote

   • Small Group Facilitation

   • Two Hour to Two Day Workshop

   • Webinar / online

 Perfect For:

   √ YPO / WPO / EO Chapter Events & Forum Retreats

   √ Corporate Events

   √ Associations

"Michael combined real-life experiences with practical lessons in a dynamic 3 hour presentation. We are all searching for joy and happiness and Michael made us focus on the choices we make and the impact on our business and personal lives. Highly recommended."

Andrew Cromarty

Owner, Fire Power Water Group


Teach your team how to grow and succeed the right way – by implementing the evolutionary Soul-Centered Leadership throughout your whole organization.

Nothing is more impactful for your forum or group than an intensive, off-site retreat. Great for strategic planning or massive personal and professional growth.

It’s not easy to find an uplifting, fresh subject in the area of leadership. That’s why bringing Michael in to talk about Soul-Centered Leadership can energize an entire conference.

When you are ready to transform both your personal and professional life, take the courageous step to work one-on-one or in a group coaching setting. It will change your life.

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