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Case Study: Doreen – Founder Saves Company, Becomes Strategic

(Prefer video? Click Here to watch the whole case study (24 min), or Click Here to watch the highlights (4 min.)) 

I still remember the call with Doreen in December.

She was in a bad place. As the founder and CEO of a Crisis Clinic in Colorado, she had a clear vision to help people that had been through major trauma in their lives.

But her dream was crumbling.

Here’s what she had to say in her own words…

“I was feeling betrayed by staff, there was a lack of accountability, and no matter how hard I tried – and yes, I was micromanaging – it did not work.

I was mad. Mad at myself and mad at my employees. I had so much fire in me to get this started and grow it, to fulfill our mission to serve, and I saw my dream falling away. 

I was never trained to be a leader – it’s all new to me. Managing people, figuring out payroll, doing administrative work, those all new areas. I’m fine working with clients – I’ve done it for years – it’s relating to the staff and lacking any strategy that was doing my head in.

I was in a downward spiral of distrust and negative self-talk and it just drained me. It was so bad it started to affect me personally, including at home and with my family. I even went to therapy to get me through that time. 

I was ready to say ‘screw this, I’m done’ and close the trauma center, but I kept holding onto some hope.

I know I needed to do something. I needed to change as a leader. 

I was listening and reading Simon Sinek, though realized that books and podcasts weren’t going to do the job. 

That’s when I saw something of Michael’s on social media and got in touch with him.
He told me about his Transformational Leadership Course, which sounded like exactly what I needed to become the strategic leader and people manager. 

The thing was, even though Michael seemed to address exactly what I was needed to be successful, I was cynical. I felt I’ve been burned so much recently that I’m not sure I fully trusted anyone or anything. 

But I told myself I had to do something, because if I don’t, things sure aren’t going to change by themselves. 

When I signed up, I didn’t even know fully what to expect. I looked at the topics and I was thinking ‘how was he going to help me, other then just the online training.’

Boy I’m glad I did. It was right what I needed.

Above and beyond the lessons, there were two things that I really appreciated. 

First, I really like the consultation and the coaching. Being able to talk to and get coached by Michael gave it a personalized aspect where I could work on my own issues with him directly. 

And what also was a big help was the group, the community, that went through the course with me. 

To hear other leaders struggles, and to learn what they were going through, I got so much from that. We celebrated together and shared and learned what we all can do differently.

To have that sense of support was invaluable. 

I’m a stronger leader now, and I know what I want. I could have got stuck in ‘pity city’, but wasn’t going to help anyone. 

Michael challenged me to move understand, then moved through that, and made it all a source of strength. 

Even with this virus and pandemic it didn’t really change anything about where we are going. I’m so clear. I even told my husband my vision and strategy and feel really good about it. 

When I first started the clinic, I thought I knew what I wanted. Through the course I learned from my mistakes and experience and now know what I really have to deliver – both to my clients and my employees as a leader. 

It’s like I have a stable, concrete foundation to build on now. One that I know will support my growth. 

This comes from having a vision, purpose, mission, and strategies to support all of them. Yes, strategic is the right word. I’ve become much more strategic. And that drives all my decisions and activities, which makes things so much easier.

I mean, I’m a clinician. I didn’t have any degree in business or management. Now I feel like I have control over things, I can change things, I have options. 

When I first talked to Michael, I had lost my happy. I was a mess. I didn’t know where to go, what to do. That’s why I tried a therapist, which didn’t really do it for me. 

Luckily Michael and the course came around at exactly the right time.
From that time to now I’m so forward looking and goal oriented. 

I just told my husband I’m getting my happy back. I can even see that in how I talk, how I address stuff. 

Before I was very down on things, very negative. Now, I told him, I have a plan. He said yes, it sounds so clear. 

I also used to feel like I was alone. When, for example this whole Covid thing came along, having Michael coach me was extremely helpful. Now we’re going tele-therapy and billing insurance for it – something we weren’t doing before. 

Having a mentor helps me form plans and gives me ideas. That in itself is very, very helpful. 

The course was an amazing investment. I’m not sure where else I would get this kind of support – it’s not a webinar or a bunch of videos. I was looking for someone to help me, teach me, guide me to become a leader, and that’s what the course delivered.
Having someone share a different perspective – especially someone that’s been successful and knows this stuff already – is a game changer and is getting me to the next level.”

What Doreen went through isn’t uncommon. I see it every day.
The fact is we simply aren’t taught how to lead a company, run a team, and be strategic. That’s why it’s so fun for me to see leaders get it. 

Like Doreen.

Now the people of North East Colorado who’ve survived a trauma have a place to go when they need help. 

Because Doreen invested in herself as a leader and can fulfill her mission to serve.
What’s your vision and mission? Is leadership holding you back from getting there?

If so, drop a line. 

We’ll get there together.

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