Leadership Mindset 2.0 Launch Bonuses

Congratulations for picking up a new copy of my book Leadership Mindset 2.0: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Reaching your Full Potential.

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Here is a list of the launch bonuses available to you for no charge:

The Blindspot Detector: Identify your leadership blindspots to unlock your full potential.

The Imposter Syndrome Assassin: A short, powerful video to help you overcome self-doubt and instantly boost your confidence.

The Self-Reporting Team Accountability Tracker: Empower your team to hold themselves accountable for meeting goals and commitments.

The Delegation Flowchart: An easy-to-use system for delegating anything, to anyone, the right way – every time

Complex Decision Blueprint: A worksheet to guide you through the process of making complex decisions with confidence.

Strategic Relationship Navigator: A map to help you connect and engage with others on a strategic level.

To download these goodies, click on the button below to answer a very short survey. Once you answer the last question, you’ll be brought right to the download page.

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