Leadership Mindset Interactive Scorecard

Developing high-impact leadership requires examining the mindsets that drive your behaviors and decisions. Take this short Leadership Mindset 2.0 Interactive Scorecard to can gain valuable insight into your strongest and weakest areas of your leadership.

Discover Your Leadership Mindset Strengths and Growth Areas

This research-backed assessment tool measures key leadership mindsets covered in Michael Anderson’s bestselling book, Leadership Mindset 2.0. Through a series of short questions, you’ll receive a customized report analyzing your results across important dimensions like:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Developing Others
  • Resilience
  • Continuous Learning
  • Self-Awareness

Use the results to pinpoint exactly where to focus your leadership development for maximum growth.

Prioritize Your Development with Customized Recommendations

Don’t just get a score – get actionable next steps. Your personalized report includes recommendations for building on your strengths and recommendations for addressing weaker areas.

suggestions cross-reference Leadership Mindset 2.0 content so you can immediately apply what you learn from the assessment to your growth plan.

Track Your Progress Over Time

Leadership is a journey, and your mindsets will evolve. Re-take the assessment periodically to measure your progress. See visualization of changes in specific dimensions and celebrate improvements in scores over time.

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level with the Science-Backed Interactive Scorecard. 


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