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Thriving Personally and Professionally Keynote / Breakout /Masterclass – Live and Virtual

Learn a Proven System for Succeeding at Work While Living a More Balanced, Fulfilling Life

Best Audience:

looking for ways to attain more productivity, results, and success while improving their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being.

“We all have such great potential inside of us. It’s time to shed what’s been holding us back, and learn a new way to thrive in all areas of our lives. That’s right – you truly can have it all!”

Michael Anderson

Imagine “having it all” – achieving even more business success at work, all while reducing stress, spending less hours working, and living a balanced, fulfilled life.

Sound impossible? Well it’s not…any more.

Michael will teach you easy-to-learn tools based on psychology, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness, tailored to immediately help any businessperson’s everyday life.

It’s all delivered with fun and educational stories about Michael’s personal life as an international business owner and leader.

Actionable Take-aways:

Learn where stress comes from – and how to manage it
Find and overcome subconscious blocks that have been holding you back
Develop optimism, confidence, and communication tools that are useful in any situation
The tools revolve around authenticity and consciousness and teach
attendees how to get in touch with the true person inside and their own massive potential.

Available formats:

• 30 to 60 minute Keynote
• Small Group Facilitation
• Two Hour to Two Day Workshop
• Webinar / online

Perfect For:

√ YPO / WPO / EO Chapter Events & Forum Retreats
√ Corporate Events
√ Associations

“Michael combined real-life experiences with practical lessons in a dynamic 3 hour presentation. We are all searching for joy and happiness and Michael made us focus on the choices we make and the impact on our business and personal lives. Highly recommended.”

Andrew Cromarty, Owner, Fire Power Water Group

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