Jukka Edvardsson works as a Senior Software Engineer and consultant at Wunderdog, an international high-end digital consultancy based in Finland.

Mika Viskari, CEO of Wunderdog, knew that Jukka was starting to lead teams and mentor the younger developers, while also spending more time interacting with clients in high-level business meetings.

Mika wanted to make sure he was equipped with the leadership skills and support needed for him to thrive, so he signed Jukka up for the Transformational Leadership Course.

What did you think when your CEO signed you up for the course?

We’re growing, so me and a few others are taking on more responsibilities.

I’ve had some experience with leadership training, though it was important me to make sure what I learned was practical. Others can often be too motivational and high level, and not very relevant to me.

I like it because you know what a coder’s life is like, because that was your background.

What are your career goals?

To be honest, I’m a nerd, and I’m not sure I want to move into senior leadership. I like solving problems. I’m not sure if I want to live my life in Microsoft Excel, though I do need these leadership skills to do my job effectively.

I could see myself as a CTO though, because I do love the hands-on aspect.

How did this course fit into your current role?

Leadership is somewhat new to me, though it’s always been interesting to me, and I always like to keep growing and learning.

I have a good knowledge of the technical areas, now it’s time for me to learn more about the management and leadership areas.

I wanted to be more confident as a leader, and have it come more naturally to me.

I like helping and coaching the less experienced developers, though I didn’t know much about how to do that.

What challenges were there before the course, and how are you handling them now?

I found that there were times that I would be in a meeting, for example, and had a potentially good idea…either I wouldn’t speak up, or I wouldn’t be able to communicate it in a strategic, business focused manner. I needed to be able to talk and communicate on a higher level.

Now, I’m thinking about issues from a broader level. I can also speak on both the high-level business level as well as the tactical technical level.

How did the course help you with yourself?

I understand myself much better. I have a much better comfort level with myself, which helps in many different situations.

We learned about the psychological self-limiting beliefs, and how we hold ourselves back, and that was mind-blowing. I knew these things were affecting me, though the process we went through to identify and move past them was really deep and effective.

My perspective is much more open. I have a much better comfort level with myself, leading to better confidence. I also really understand what leadership is. There are many different aspects and now have tools for all the areas.

How did it help you relate to others?

I use the same tools that I use with myself to work with others.

For example, if there are people that I might have found difficult, or we don’t have the same views, I have tools to talk and listen to them and guide us to a calm resolution.

Any other advice for the technical people out there who are considering their leadership skills?

People, especially technical people, may have resistance to really diving into leadership, though after seeing what it’s about, I really see the value.

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