Case Study: Jukka – Coder learns Communication, Perspective, Leadership

Jukka Edvardsson was a high-performing senior coder at Wunderdog, an international high-end digital consultancy based in Finland.

Mika Viskari, CEO of Wunderdog, knew that Jukka was starting to lead teams and mentor the younger developers, while also spending more time interacting with clients in high-level business meetings.

And Jukka, who loves coding and the technical realm, knew that he was missing the confidence, communication, and overall leadership skills that were needed for him to keep growing and evolving.

To be honest, I’m a nerd, and I like solving problems. Maybe I’ll become a CTO one day.

We’re growing, so me and a few others are taking on more responsibilities. I like helping and coaching the less experienced developers, though I didn’t know much about how to do that.

Leadership is new to me, and I always like to keep growing and learning. I wanted to be more confident as a leader, and have it come more naturally to me.

Jukka Edvardsson

He had other leadership training, though they didn’t really stick.

I’ve had some experience with leadership training, though it was important me to make sure what I learned was practical. Others can often be too motivational and high level, and not very relevant to me.

I like it because you know what a coder’s life is like, because that was your background.

When it came to meetings, he found that there were times that he had a good idea and either wouldn’t speak up or wouldn’t be able to communicate it in a strategic, business focused manner.

He didn’t have the tools to communicate and hold people accountable to get the most out of his team.

After the course, he now feels comfortable resolving issues and conflict, he is coaching and empowering others, and he has a much better comfort level with himself.

My perspective is much more open. I have a much better comfort level with myself, leading to better confidence. I also really understand what leadership is. There are many different aspects and now have tools for all the areas.

We learned about the psychological self-limiting beliefs, and how we hold ourselves back, and that was mind-blowing. I knew these things were affecting me, though the process we went through to identify and move past them was really deep and effective.

He’s also thinking about issues from a much broader level. He speaks on both the high-level business level as well as the tactical technical level and is now a driving force in customer meetings.

It’s given Jukka the tools to support himself, his team, his customers, and his organization now and into the future.

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