Case Study: Tim – Owner Evolves to Scale Business

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Tim is an owner and MD of Axon, a managed service provider in the UK. Over the last five years they’ve had double digit growth though have began to level off and stagnate.

He was unsure of his role, feeling alone, and like a bit of a fraud. In the past he was a high-flying salesperson. Now he’s being called to lead, and he was struggling to understand what that really meant.

As a great “doer” whenever there would be an issue he would jump in and solve it himself. Secretly he loved the hit his ego got when this happened, because he would feel important and feel like the savior.

This was his comfort zone though. What he needed to do was start delegating, empowering, and coaching – which can be hard for people used to control.

I’ve got away with growing the business by riding on my personality, and also fallen into the trap of working in the business, not on the business, all of which will do me a disservice in the long run.

That’s the light bulb moment where I realized something was broken, to get to our goals something had to change, and it was me.

Tim Mears

One of the key things I’m known for is teaching leaders how to be strategic. Tim knew this and signed up for my Transformational Leadership Course.

This goes much further than just strategic thinking. The gold comes when you learn how to execute strategically, and like Tim learned, it has a lot to do with your role and your mindset.

A lot of people think as an MD that role is just defined, well actually it’s not. This course walked us through a process where I could stand back and understand what a good leader is and what my role is.

And that allows me enough time to then ask the strategic questions like where are we going as a business? how do we get to that point? I share that vision, the mission, and the strategic view of the business.

Once he also learned tools around delegating and the coaching system I teach, he was able to offload much of the tactical and operational areas he was dealing with.

This significantly freed him up to grow the business.

The great thing is his employees love it.

Over the last four weeks I’ve had my two senior managers and two members of the staff come up to me and say they really love working here – it’s the best job that they’ve ever had.

And that means a hell of a lot to me.

Through the course Tim re-connected with his passion, reclaimed his vision, and rebooted in fact his whole life.

Like most everyone who works with me, his home life is flying as well.

That’s because leaders learn from me how to significantly reduce stress and live a balanced life, and go to work in order to benefit other, not just yourself.

People would say why do you do this, why do you work all these hours? And, to be perfectly honest, it used to be around creating money.

The course has enabled me to redefine that – now I’ve fallen back in love with what I do and found joy and happiness not only at work but also at home too, and that’s priceless.

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