From People Pleaser to Strategic Leader, Steph learns to say “No” and what to really focus on

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Do you find yourself swamped by your workload?

Are you saying “yes” to every person that asks you for help? 

Are you plagued by thoughts that you are not experienced enough for the role?

Steph was in a similar position before starting the Mastermind course. 

She desperately wanted to be the best manager she could be, and as such, was saying “yes” to every project that came her way. 

“I would take a lot more on that I knew I should. I had low confidence in the role and didn’t want to let anyone down. 

I just didn’t have the time to take on to what I agreed to, so the output was never as good as it should have been – I was stretched too thin.”

For Steph, self-awareness was a crucial component in her Leadership development. She realised that taking everything on for herself was affecting the productivity and overall success of the whole team. 

“I have learnt that my actions and workload reflect across the whole team. If I’m more stern with myself and share the workload, then overall output is much smoother.”

Steph had fallen into the trap of taking on the entire project’s control and responsibility. She was getting in her own way, and the functionality of her team was suffering for it. 

“Before the course, I was stressed for time; everything was a manic rush to get it over the line. If I’m honest, I was burnt out. 

My whole mindset has changed. I’m thinking strategically with a long term vision now. I’ve learnt to delegate and manage a workload with the end goal in mind.”

Steph learnt to let go of the tightly held reigns and think about accepting a task before blindly agreeing to it. 

“I would just say yes to absolutely everything. Now I think about it – is there something to do? 

Does it need to be me? 

Could someone else do it? 

Is it feasible? 

Is it a priority?

There’s a much bigger picture that goes into even the smallest of tasks.”

Steph’s real incentive for joining the course was to improve her management skills. She had experienced poor managers in the past and didn’t want to lead by their example. 

“I wanted to learn how to support people and make sure that their experience at work was as good as it could be.”

But did Steph find the tools that she was looking for? 

“I had no idea about accounting for different personality types within the team. I’ve had to take a hard look at myself and my management style. I need to be more assertive.

This course has taught me how to break down what I’m lacking in and implement it.”

Do you find yourself in the same position as Steph?

Are you saying yes to everything and not able to manage your incoming workload?

Are you striving to be the best leader you possibly can be?

Click the link below for information on my Leadership Mastermind course. All these skills are within your grasp… just one click of a button away. 


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