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What TRULY creates exceptional leaders? A critical question that R. Michael Anderson can help you answer. 

He draws on his real-life experience of founding, scaling, and exiting three enterprise software companies with his masters degrees in psychology and neuroscience training to give him a unique combination of “walked the talk” experience along with evidence-based tools and skills. 

If you want to give your audience of managers, executives, or business owners the newest ways they can level up their leadership, contact Michael today.

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High Energy & Motivational

Valuable and Practial Insights

Memorable & Impactful Experience

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Michael at a Glance

  • Founder of Three International  Software Companies
  • His companies were on Inc. 500|5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies for two consecutive years, and they frequented the San Diego Best Places to Work lists (#1 in 2014)
  • Holds an MBA plus a second Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and a Neuroscience Certificate
  • Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur.com Contributor and former Radio Show Host
  • President, Board of Directors, Conscious Capitalism San Diego (2015)
  • Winner of Social Entrepreneur of the Year in San Diego (2013)
Michael is London, UK based

Keynote Topics

Leadership Mindset 2.0

Michael's signature keynote! Leaders will learn how to be more strategic, influential, and effective as they evolve their mindset while growing as people.

leading through change & adversity

Give your leaders the tools they need to thrive during difficult times. Learn how mindsets, strategies and tactics need to adapt during times of uncertainty and change.

resilience, motivation & leadership

Create mentally healthy and strong teams and leaders who crave challenges while taking care of themselves and others.

Insider secrets of scaling up

The 5-step system that leaders of every high-growth company needs to know. Great for entrepreneurs!

Emotional intelligence for high performing teams

Learn how to utilise Emotional Intelligence to make your team resilient, healthy and high performing.

Leading & Managing remote & hybrid teams

Tools and skills for a high-performance distributed workforce, from a leader who's company won the #1 Best Place to Work with a hybrid team.

three delivery types

Keynote Style Presentations 

Michael has vast experience delivering In-Person, Virtual & Hybrid

Masterclass (single day courses) 

Give your managers and executives the essential strategies for high-performance leadership 

Training & Coaching Engagements

Bespoke packages based on your business and personnel needs


Phase Pre-Engagement Phase

This phase begins with a preliminary introductory conversation where we can connect via phone or video call. Initially, we will talk about the overall basics, covering everything from the date/time of your event to your budget/fees and the overall goal for your team/event/organisation.

If this is a match, we organise follow-up conversations to delve into the specifics of goal mapping for the event. We will look at your goals as a leader, your organisation’s present & desired culture, your tactical & strategic goals as an organisation, your aim for the event, and what’s going on in your industry.

You will then get a tailored proposal with a concise strategy and plan for your event.


Main Content Delivery Phase

This phase includes all potential pre-event activities. Participation and engagement is a significant part of my presentation methodology, and this begins before the event has started.

One popular option is to customise my latest bestselling book, “Leading in the Next Normal”, as a gift for your attendees; for example, some CEOs like to write a forward or have the company logo on either the front or back cover. Interviews with executives can be another dynamic pre-engagement tool. We can employ many techniques like surveys, polls, teaser videos, blog posts, and social media to drive up anticipation for the event. These tools build excitement and anticipation and ensure participation is beginning before the event has even started.

Alongside experience, I use psychology and neuroscience training to help your teams understand the mindset required for successful leadership. Attendees will come away from the event with the tools and techniques a leader needs. I will tailor the event to YOUR industry from our preliminary phases, making the content as relatable and accessible as possible for your teams. I can guarantee that attendees will leave knowing how to be better leaders and have the skillset to create high functioning teams.


Post Event Phase

The final stage is the follow up from the event. Alongside the traditional feedback forms or surveys, there is the option to engage in further activities to attain the highest value from the event.

For example, we can organise follow up conference calls or webinars with the potential for a live Q&A. I can also produce follow up videos/audios or written content if you prefer a more “on-demand” option. I also have many courses available online, and if the Mindset of the Leader is what you are interested in, I run a renowned “Leadership Mindset” course twice a year.

Give your managers the tools they need for long term success and contact me today.

Give Your Leaders the Tools and Skills They Need to Succeed

Michael is a powerful speaker who shares his high’s and low’s from a vulnerable, authentic place, and teaches attendees real-life leadership skills they can use in their business right away. 

Attendees will learn;

  • How to become more strategic
  • Find their natural confidence and leadership style
  • Lead and manage through periods of great change
  • Develop personal and team resilience
  • Get the tools to scale their team, department and business

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Let's Talk - Get your Questions Answered

Fill in this form to get information about services, pricing, availability. I’ll answer you personally – every message comes to me directly.