Business Partners with Opposite Temperaments find Common Ground to Upscale their Business

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Meet liz & ju

Do you have a business partner?

Are you finding that clashes in your personality affect your abilities to run the business in unison?

Running a business on your own is difficult.

But running a business with a business partner can bring a whole host of unforeseen challenges that stem well beyond the scope of the business plan.


If you are experiencing a clash of personalities and ideas, and you’re tearing your hair out worried that you can’t make it work, don’t panic. These issues are not unusual – particularly for a new business.

Liz and Ju had some significant issues with a communication breakdown when I first started working with them.

They started a design company based in Los Angeles, California.
While their creative vision and mentalities were similar, they had very different personality types and were butting heads on various issues.

LIZ | “When you have a business partner, there are times where there might be disagreements or a conflict of interest. We wanted to bridge those gaps and come together more powerfully.”

Liz and Ju have very different temperaments and ways of communicating.

Neither felt seen or heard by the other because they had a fundamental lack of understanding of how the other person operated.

This was affecting their business, and they were struggling to find a cohesive strategy or vision.

The duo had a common desire for the business to succeed and were equally passionate about their craft. They were keen to upscale their business but weren’t getting through to each other.

It was getting in the way of the business.

It was getting in the way of the friendship.

They recognised that they needed help to understand each other to build a successful business. Liz and Ju initially reached out to me for intensive one-on-one coaching.

LIZ | “The sessions were really impactful. We hired Michael to uncover the root cause of our communication breakdowns. What transpired was much learning about ourselves and each other.
We found that we both have strengths and weaknesses that ultimately complement one another. We were able to understand our limitations. And through that, we were able to have breakthroughs in our communication and the way we worked with one another.”

After addressing the issues within their relationship and understanding how to communicate effectively, Liz and Ju could focus more on the business.

They had been ‘all hands on deck’ as a small start-up, and there wasn’t a real strategy in place. As a result, they weren’t aware of what the needs of the business were.

They decided to join my leadership mastermind. They grew and learned together in a classroom setting with other leaders from various backgrounds and industries.

JU | “What I loved about the Mastermind was the emphasis on understanding the psychology not only of the clients and their experience but the team as well. It made me consider the whole process of the business as an experience for the client.”
But were they able to get past their differences and scale up their business?

LIZ | “Before the course with Michael, we had no real strategic planning in place. We were a new business and just doing everything – wearing all the hats. With the training, we were able to uncover what the business needed. We learnt whom we needed to bring in and when.”

JU | “I hadn’t realised that went into onboarding new employees before. It’s a whole new personality to incorporate into the business! Everyone must be in alignment with our statement and our philosophy – and to do that, we needed to be clear on what those things are.”

“We now have some new hires and a plan for the future.”
It was hard work and a significant investment of their time and effort, but they were dedicated to their business and wanted to learn how to make it work.

Their hard work paid off.

They have managed to scale up their business.

They have hired a salesperson, with plans to expand the team further.

They are working on listening and respecting each other’s needs in business and their friendship.

Are you also looking to bridge the gaps in understand with a Business Partner?

Have you been butting heads and it’s affecting the productivity of your business?

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