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Are you starting to feel there might be more to leadership than your to-do list, but you don’t know how to take the next step?

It’s not easy to take the first steps into looking at why you are the way you are.

It takes honesty and trust in yourself.

You’re likely to counter internal resistance… And it might take you down a path you wouldn’t expect.

William initially joined my Mastermind to gain a better understanding of leadership.

He was keen to learn how to navigate the stresses of the role to become a better person – for both himself and his team.

“As a technologist, you spend much time focusing on how to get things done; you don’t spend much time focusing on yourself.

But going through this course helped me.

Michael showed me how to delve into myself and figure out why I’m doing things. I reflected on how I could improve – not just from an introspective perspective but from a leadership point of view too.

I leant to understand myself and my limitations – so I can see what has been holding me back. Now I know I can drive myself forward.”

If you can understand the why’s of your actions and behaviours, you have power over yourself. 

“It’s a very introspective course. We need to look deep inside ourselves to understand why you are the person that you are and how to become the person that you want to be.”

Once William started addressing his relationship and understanding with himself, he found a whole new perspective on his relationship with other people and how he related to his team.

“I found that it’s not so much about how you relate to people but how you relate to yourself. Michael teaches you how to treat yourself with compassion and how to look after yourself.

Once you have that understanding and relationship with yourself, you can apply it to the interpersonal relationships you have. Based on that, you can make everything better.”

So how was my course different to the many other classes William had taken before?

In my Mastermind, we focus on you.

Not your management style.

Not your techniques.

You as an individual.

This course is entirely devoted to your personal and professional development.

“I’ve been on many professional courses for leadership development. But this was different from any other course, retreat or training that I’ve experienced.

There is an underlying base on management and how to manage better – but that almost seems like a sideline. This course is focusing in on you as a person and your personal development.

When you develop that compassion with yourself, you want to lead better and share that positivity. In learning how to be compassionate with yourself, you know how to be honest and authentic.

I haven’t found any other course that teaches you those skills. Michael’s approach is unique.”

William came to my Mastermind looking to level up as a leader. He was passionate about being more of a service to his team.

What he discovered was an introspective journey where he learnt more about himself as a human being.

He developed not only as a leader but as a person too.

He found compassion within himself that he could share with his team.

Are you ready to take the next steps in developing your skills as a leader?

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