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Sales Prof. Finds his Executive Presence & gains the Confidence to Connect with High-Level Leaders

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Do you feel at ease speaking in front of clients? In front of your peers?

Do you command the room, or does the space control you? 

Ian is an enterprise Sales leader who was seriously looking to up his game.

Like so many others, Ian found his business had moved online with the pandemic – his sales pitches now took place on the phone or over zoom. He was no longer required to present in person.

With the world opening up, in-person meetings are now not only a possibility but a genuine requirement in Ian’s case. 

“I’m super excited to be back in front of people again, but I’ve got to do a 15/20 minute presentation – just a standard pitch. It’s something that I would have been nervous as hell about having to do before Michael’s course.” 

You see, Ian felt like he lacked presence when speaking in front of people. 

He was looking for the gravitas of a leader. 

He was hoping to gain that quiet authority that comes with total confidence in yourself and your abilities.

This isn’t a new dream for Ian. 

“This is something that has held me back for years and years. I always wanted to be that confident leader in front of my peers and seniors in business.” 

But he didn’t have that confidence. 

He didn’t have the tools to help him reach this goal… 

…Until he joined my Leadership Mastermind. 

“I finally feel like I’m in a position where I have the confidence. I have the knowledge, the toolset, and the unshakable belief within myself to be there and own it. 

I know what my presence is now – I can stand in the accurate representation of myself and speak with authenticity and authority. 

It all comes from working out who I am, and knowing that person and speaking genuinely from there.”  

And has this new understanding of his “true self” helped Ian face his anxiety on public speaking? 

Is he ready to present to the world publicly again?  

“I can’t wait to get in front of that group of people! 

I can use the power tools I learnt on the Mastermind, but the way I’ll now be able to deliver the content because of what I learnt on the course is so exciting.” 

Ian found so much more than just another training course in the search to up his game and find the confidence to speak publicly. 

He found his voice. 

He found his edge.

He found his presence. 

He IS the leader he always knew he could be.

Does Ian’s story resonate with you?

Are you looking for that missing link?

Don’t waste any more time. 

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