Experienced Health Care Manager Transforms her Mindset, Relationships & Motivation

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Have you attended numerous leadership and coaching courses?

Are you still searching for something different; training that will change the way you lead or even the way you live?

Anne is an executive director of nursing for a large health care facility based in Saudi Arabia. My Mastermind was far from her first leadership course.

“I’ve invested in myself my whole life. When I took my first executive job, I immediately started seeing an executive coach. When I saw your heading and your book, it resonated with me.”

Despite this, Anne had her concerns – she already had numerous certificates for leadership and coaching.

Why would this course be different from the many other training programs she had taken part in already?

The difference is that this is not just a leadership course; this is a Mastermind.

We delve into the intricacies of the mind of the leader.

This is a journey of personal development, totally focused on you.

“When people are coaching, you set goals, and it’s specific to the situation. This course is different. The focus is on awareness and the type of mindset you should have in any workplace as a LEADER.

The content applies to all levels of management. It’s so easy to go to a didactic course and learn a new tool. Michael has an entirely new perspective. Instead, he teaches a reflective process where you consider how you interact and respond to people.”

Anne had never really considered herself in her interaction with other people and her impact on her team’s mentality.

When Anne started implementing the tools, any lingering reservations on just how transformative this would be for her just fell away.

“The first tool was mind-blowing. I was dismissive in class – it sounded too simple. But when put into practice, the results were incredible. When you take the time to understand someone, what drives them and how their personality works, you can empower them.”

Has this course changed things for Anne?

Was she able to take away anything to enhance her leadership abilities?

“Before the course with Michael, I would get so caught up fixing everybody else’s world that it was detrimental to myself. I wasn’t able to accomplish what I wanted.”

So was she able to change this behaviour and find a way to be of better service to herself – and her team by extension?

“I have learnt not to try and climb that mountain! I’m not trying to solve everybody’s problems anymore.

I am much more focused, and I’m much more aware of what I want to do. I know what the expectations of the role are and exactly how I am going to lead.”

This burst of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration has stretched into Anne’s personal life too.

“Starting this course was such a motivation for me. I realised how much I had let my own needs and priorities slip.

Leadership isn’t just about what you do during working hours. It’s the whole package – it’s how you live your life; mind, body and heart. If you are lopsided in one, it affects the other. I need to focus on the ‘me’ part of my life so I can ensure that my mindset is in the right frame to be able to handle the work stress AND to feel good about myself.”

Even with multiple courses and training under her belt, Anne learned new skills that immediately impacted her work.

She was also able to find more fulfilment and confidence in herself and her life.

“In joining this course, you become more aware of who you are. Your leadership mindset grows to handle everything at work because you develop that self-awareness, that ability to step back and ask those questions.

You come away from this course knowing who you are. It is just fantastic.”

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